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my birthday is the day after tomorrow but only harrison will be staying over for the sleepover. LBC hadn't even asked her mom until today in which she said no and chantel wants to stay with her boyfriend's brothers while their mom goes off to Las Vegas to party just cuz she's going through a divorce now. oops, that sounded kinda cold hearted. i don't mean to be that way it just sucks that only one person is comming to my 18th birthday party. kayla hasn't even called me back or anything. i have called her 4 times over break and gotten no response. i wonder if she will continue to be this way even after we get back to school. that would suck cuz she was a rele good friend. Dillon can't come cuz his parents won't let him, they won't even let us hang out at all over this break. i think they might even be purposefully not letting him go to church just so that he can't c me. that rele sucks too.
on a happier note harrison and i went to see the golden compas today and it was rele good. we have also been watching alot of deathnote so that we will hopefully get me through all the 37 episodes before he has to go home. i think we started somewhere around episode 10 oor so and now we are on 27... only 10 more to go!!