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So much has gone on...

i don't even know where to begin, it's been over a month since  last typed in here. i tried to update a few times but once the comp was overheating, and another time the page wouldn't load. i remember writing out what i needed to say one of those times and i might type it up later. but since then i have gotten foodstamps, i tried to apply for cash aid when i was getting kicked out for not paying rent cuz i lost my job but they wouldn't let me even apply cuz i wasn't pregnant and had no kids. About two weeks ago (the week of thanksgiving) i ended up in the hospital again for 5 and 1/2 days. before i was there i ended up living with my friend Robby cuz i had nowhere else to go, my mom turned my cell phone off, my best friend and boy friend weren't getting along, robby was upset at me, i thought my foodstamps were not going to be replinished, and i was going to run out of my meds in 3 days and had no insurance to get them filled. Danny, my boyfriend, wouldn't come see me for the first few days and by the time i convinced him to i was already out. Robby came on thanksgiving, Doug showed up on the day i got released and Star gave us both a ride home. That night, 2 fridays ago (10 days), Danny asked me if he could ask me a question but i had to answer it right there and i had to promise i would, i never saw it coming but he proposed. i  had been thinking about what i would say if he asked for the few preceding weeks but it still caught me off gaurd. But i answered the way i had planned with an 'of course' and a smile. So now i'm engaged and our friends damien and teri are going to be getting on him about getting me a ring to go with the commitment... Since then i found out that my mom won't talk to me for 30 days and that she won't pay for me to go to college unless i let her controll the stipulations even though she owes me 27,000 dollars toward my college fund plus the interest of the two or three years that she has been borrowing it for. i don't know what she told my grandparents as to why i couldn't come to thanksgiving but i plan on updating them fully, i emailed my grandma today and asked them for their address so i could send them a letter explaining how my mom has raised me to fear them. i think it'll be more personal that way. i don't know what they will think about me thinking about sueing my mom though... i feel kinda bad for Star, she is both my mom's and my friend and i asked her to be my bride's maid. i know i'll be inviting my mom to the wedding even though i'm scared she'll ruin it via email but i doubt she'll know anything about the engagement b4 it unless ppl in the meeting tell her about it.