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Somebody shoot me b4 i kill sumone

as i was beginning to type this the guy i live with, my friend robby, is asleep on the couch snoring his fucking head off when he's supposed to be picking up his mother from her stoner buddy's house. he left the tv on loud with some rediculously fucked up music that is just pissing me off and i am making dinner for him and his mother. granted i haven't made dinner for a long time and it is well past my turn, they didn't even ask. he just picked me up from work and took me shopping for dinner and then asked me when i was going to cook it! i worked my ass off today. i did more rooms at work today than i ever have since i've been working there and they both had the day off as it is sunday.
his mom is upset with me and this is probably my punishment... i went and stayed the night at danny's, the ex boyfriend she said if i ever got back with she was kicking me out, because he was going to be home alone and had a fever of at least 103. from what i'm gathering robby is mad at me too but not talking to me about it and that is pissing me off almost as much as the fact i don't think he has a reason to be upset with me. it's my goddamed life, i can fuck it up if i want to!!! and i wasn't anyways so i'm assuming that he's mad at me for something i didn't even do. and that makes me even more upset... and now he just lied to his mom that he got 'caught up with the tv'